Creative Expression

The experience of grief is so intense that we must find ways to manage the strong feelings. Creative expression is a way to externalize and express feelings and possibly transform the unbearable into the acceptable. Our imagination has great power to heal. We need only to give ourselves permission to let go and express ourselves.

Some of the ways we can creatively express feelings are: journaling, writing, creating memoirs, song & poem writing, creating alters and memorials, painting or storytelling. Did you know that the musician, Eric Clapton wrote the breathtaking song “Will I See You In Heaven?” following the tragic death of his four year old son.

Families can create projects together to memorialize the death of a loved one. Scrapbooking is a wonderful creative expression that the whole family can work on. Personal creations can be used to tell stories that need to be told and deal with feelings that need to be expressed.

Creative expression requires a a focus on the “process” of the outlet. We do not have to be experts in any area in order to creatively express our grief & love.