Grief Counseling


We believe that grief and loss have the potential to be among the most powerful transformative agents in the human condition. This is true, however, only if the person is encouraged to experience the grief fully and do the work involved.

We live in a time and culture where we are taught how to acquire , not how to let go. Many people expect the griever to be “back to normal” just as the grief is hitting hardest. Grief therapy teaches people to resist common beliefs ,but instead trust their hearts, minds and bodies to the process.

The growth from grief occurs through the process of exploring the relationship we had with the person who died, really trying to understand what meaning the relationship and the loss hold in our lives, how both have changed us (for better or worse), and by finishing the unfinished business with the deceased. Some people find it relatively easy to do this inner work. Others have a very hard time trying to create this internal conversation. Grief therapists facilitate the process.

Many grievers have been clinically traumatized by what they’ve seen and been through. Grief therapists offer a variety of tools to help heal the trauma. Each new loss reopens every former loss. Many people have not grieved prior losses, and are overwhelmed when the current loss plunges them into old grief. Many people feel overwhelmed by the powerful emotions of loss and transition. Grief therapists teach a number of tools to navigate these feelings of change.

Counseling fees vary according to session. The Grief Channel therapists have practices in NYC, Rockville Centre, Huntington & Hicksville, New York. Some major insurances are accepted.