Grief Retreats


Grief Retreats help participants to experience and learn new healing related skills & concepts in a safe and supportive environment. Retreats are held in beautiful, serene localities. Secluded away in an idyllic setting, individuals develop an understanding of the importance of self regulation in the healing process.

They learn to relax, release, feel more balance and increase strength. Using relaxation techniques, expressive therapies and community sharing ; they learn to calm the nervous system, release anxiety, externalize feelings, gain awareness, rebalance and rejuvenate energy, renew one’s sense of self and even help others.

Meditation, yoga, art therapy, journaling, labyrinth walking, music therapy, poetry, massage, tai chi, discussion groups and the use of ritual all help to create a meaningful and replenishing retreat – a time for awareness & reflection.

Workshops are held in various locations and are created as the need arrises.
Fees for retreats vary.